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Lisa is a beautiful blonde who is known for puking. This loser old man slave craves her upchuck so he opens his mouth wide waiting for her to get sick in his mouth. She gives him all the vomit he can handle as it lands in his open mouth like someone dumped a bucket of puke on him. He gets a mouth full of vomit and swallows every chunk.

Not much to say really about the rather pale Candy as she vomits into a toilet bowl. She’s a cute blonde wearing black top with spaghetti straps. When she thinks that she is done vomiting, she spits a few times to try to get the nasty taste out of her mouth and throat. Maybe she shouldn’t have had that spicy tomato sauce with the chilled white wine for dinner after all.

This fat blonde with pigtails once again eats too much. She bends over in the trash can right in front of you and starts puking up all the food she ate. She knows you want to pick up all the vomit out of the trash can with your hands and eat it. She pukes again and again and fills the trash can with smelly vomit for you to eat.

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