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This big, beautiful and curvy ebony princess is pretty nasty, especially when she is puking. She throws up such a massive amount of vomit that it covers her slave's entire upper body. She is known for her large volumes of puke and she always makes her slaves eat it. Every woman has something that she is really good at and this voluptuous hottie is good at gagging and puking.

This cruel and dominating ebony goddess doesn't want to waste any of her precious vomit, so she makes a cube for her loser slave to put his head inside of. She makes sure to leave a hole in the top where she can throw up. She upchucks into the cube and covers his face in puke and it gathers up all around his head and face at the bottom.

This big tit ebony mistress made sure that her stomach was full of food and her slave was sitting in a kiddie pool before she started puking on him. She completely empties her stomach and throws up all over him until his body is completely covered in her puke. Her vomit stinks as it covers his entire head and face and she loves seeing him with the contents of her stomach all over him.

Tracy ate way too much and now she's not feeling good. Watch as she has burst upon bursts of vomiting. The first one is just liquid as her stomach gets ready to eject everything. Watch as the chunks start to flow after that. She lets it all fly. You can see the chunks as they leave her body. She's a big girl so there's a whole hell of a lot of food in there.

The two black women in this clip throw up huge streams of puke all over the ground. They almost attack people with their puke because they heave really loud and spray vomit everywhere. The second of the two pukers makes very disgusting and loud noises when she pukes because she drank a bunch of soda so it would add to all the vomit that was already coming out of her stomach.

This short ebony lady looks innocent, but she has a puking fetish. When she eats a full meal, drinking soda makes her vomit. She downs the soda and pukes out her entire lunch. Later on in the day, she drinks some orange soda and it makes her vomit as well. She loves to vomit and she likes it even more when she knows that you are watching her and getting off on it.

My voluptuous ebony friend said she didn't feel good while we were shopping so we left and got in the car. She starts to lean out and get sick so I have to film it. She gags and heaves and splatters vomit all over the ground. She is available for custom puking videos if you would like to see her vomit some more. She doesn't mind that I film her puking and show it to you.

This ebony slut likes to go deep when she gets a big cock in her mouth. She wraps her lips around it for a blowjob and forces her head further down on to it until the cock hits the back of her throat. She gags on the cock and pukes all over it. She keeps making loud gagging noises and forces the cock down her throat until she vomits on it in this POV clip.

You have to hear how loud this ebony slut vomits. She leans her head out of her car window and starts heaving so loud that people can hear her all over the neighborhood. Mouthfuls of puke splatter all over the ground. She gags from drinking so much and vomits out all the contents of her stomach and the nasty, smelly puke spreads out all over the ground out in the open where people can see.

This drunken ebony slut loves to drink beer and always drinks too much because she loves to puke. She even makes herself puke so she won't be as drunk any more and she can drink more. Her puke is very loud as she leans over and sprays vomit all over the ground. Her heaving gets louder and louder and you can hear the nasty vomit splatter on the ground below her car.

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