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Mistress Jade heard of the things her assistant had done but she did not take them as the gospel truth. She decided to investigate and she was disappointed to find out that he was indeed guilty of what he had been accused. And that is why she fed the assistant with puke and showed him a side of her he had never seen before and did not want to ever see again.

This mistress did not want this guy to ever take anything for granted especially anything that concerned her. And that is why she chose to use vomit fetish to torture him. He had never been in as much pain and humiliation as he had been subjected to. The mistress crushed his nuts as she spread the vomit on the rest of his body and she warned him of slaps if he did not cooperate with her.

Mistress Xue wanted to dominate this guy and she knew that for it to be the kind of lesson he needed to learn, she had to make sure that he learned it the hard way. That is why the mistress opted to vomit on him and make it so gross that he would not forget it in a hurry. And that is exactly what happened to the guy. He never forgot it.

This mistress was on a mission to dominate and humiliate this loser so she had to make him do something crazy that he had never done before and he did not even think of doing. The mistress had some food in a bowl and she puked into it and she had this guy eat it. The guy had no choice but to do what the mistress wanted him to do.

This mistress does not like to be catcalled. She tried to ignore this guy when he did but he did it again and again which pissed her off. And she had to punish him so she pretended that his persistence had paid off and she took him to her place where instead of the fun he expected, he was made to drink and to lick her puke. He never catcalled anyone again.

This mistress knows the kind of foods that make her nauseous and that came in handy when she had to avoid having sex with this guy. The mistress pretended that she was into what the guy wanted but she had eaten the food a few minutes before he came. As they were about to start making out, she puked and he was both turned off and he was concerned for her health. The sex did not happen.

Mistress Layla wanted to make sure that this guy was as humiliated as she wanted him to be. The mistress had teased him a little and he was turned on but then she turned on him and she gagged herself till she puked. And that is what she used to dominate and humiliate him. She had him lick her puke and laughed at him as he struggled to lick it.

Mistress Jade is not someone to piss off as this guy came to know. He messed with her and thought she was harmless and could not do anything to him. But he was shocked when she turned on him and she made him drink her puke. He was shocked by her audacity and how she made sure he did all she wanted him to do. And he never went near her again.

This guy tried to steal from mistress Natalia and he regretted it instantly as she did not even bother to call the cops. She dealt with him by stripping him naked and tying him before she bent him over and used large cucumbers to fuck him in the ass. And she did not use but several of them at the same time. The pain the thief felt was out of this world.

This mistress asked her husband to workout and lose weight as per the doctor's instructions. It was a health risk for him but he did not want to do it. She was so pissed at him that she chose to use her puke to communicate what she wanted to him. So she took him to the bathroom and she gagged herself until she puked on him. He got the message.

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