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This mistress knew her boyfriend hated puke. So she forced herself to puke on the floor in the house so that he would be disgusted and get out of the house

This mistress had the worst punishment in store for her slave. First of all she shit on his face then she vomited into his mouth

She smeared herself with shit. It all looked sexy on her given she has a great body. But the smell got to her and she puked

This slave was thirsty and wanted something to drink. And his mistress went and brought a glass then threw up in it and then served the slave to drink it and quench his thirst

She knows her husband loves kinky things but she didn't realize how kinky he was. She doesn't like going places in the car because she gets car sick. She didn't realize her husband loves to see her vomit and smell it. When they are in the car for a few miles, she has to get out of the car and vomit. He gets turned on at the sounds she is making, the smell of the vomit and watching.

This blonde babe knows that she shouldn't drink soda but she's addicted. She can't help doing it because she knows that she will throw up. She goes to the shower and takes a liter of soda with her. She sits there and allows her stomach to rebel. She fights the urge to puke as long as she can because it makes her cum harder. When she finally lets it out, she cums hard enough to want to repeat the process.

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