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This mistress despised this guy. He attempted to vibe her but she humiliated him instead. She was drunk and ended up puking on him

Alionka drank a lot last night and she's not feeling well. She has places to go to and she cannot continue feeling that way. So she decided to make herself puke so that she can do away with the hangover

This mistress loves to vomit. She is able to keep herself from eating a lot of food and therefore maintains her figure. She pukes after every meal and she does it in the toilet

This mistress was pooped on and pissed on by her boyfriend. She liked it but to make it even better than it was already, she decided to vomit and then drink it all back again

When this bbw has too much to eat at the buffet, her lover is thrilled. He knows that she enjoys the taste of food as it goes down but she doesn't always know when to stop. She eats and then she has to come home to puke. He loves to see her puke. She makes some of the ugliest faces and he loves the sounds she makes. It turns him on and makes him eager to fuck her.

When Nikki gets sick, she stays home and nurses herself back to health. She has her faithful slave to help her but she couldn't take full advantage of him. When she feels better, she is able to order him to the corner of her bathroom. She ate but she can't keep her food down. She isn't worried about it because as soon as she needs to vomit, she rushes to the bathroom and pukes on her slave's head.

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