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Pretty Asian babe with hairy pussy likes to spread her milky white thighs and shoot streams of hit piss all over and into a bowl. She wants you to watch her pee herself and force herself to gag and vomit into a pink bowl. Scat and vomit fest at its nastiest and kinkiest. Her pussy get wet from her own juices and warm pee, and she gags.

A leggy Asian Mistress wearing black fishnet stockings is training her two new slaves that would do anything to make her happy. She pisses on the dirty floor and makes them lick it up. The hot dominating bitch tries to puke but not enough comes out. Instead, she blows a lot of snot on the floor. She makes them both clean it up with their dirty submissive tongues. They seem to enjoy doing gross stuff to please their Asian Mistress.

After eating, a sexy Asian Mistress spits in her submissive husband’s wide open mouth. She hikes up her hot pink dress while wearing black knee-high boots and thigh-high fishnet stockings. The dominating bitch then pukes on his cock while he is laying on the table. That’s just the beginning for then she pisses and shits on his pecker that is incredibly hard. You can tell that he is very excited by her nasty abuse.

One of the cats is at it again. She prepares a meal for her slave. She wants his meal to be extra nasty and contain as many of her bodily fluids as possible. She puts the plate in floor so she can squat over it and piss. She puts the plate on the counter and puts her finger down her throat so she can fill it with vomit for him to eat.

This kinky and nasty brunette looks sexy in black stockings and has a scat and vomit fetish. She pours out some cornflakes and pisses in them. When they are nice and soaked with her piss, she shits on top of them and mixes scat into the nasty pile. This makes her so hot that she starts masturbating with a dildo. She shoves it into her ass until she has an orgasm.

This extreme nude slut just looks like a fecal freak as she looks in your eyes with shit all over her face. She has an extreme scat fetish and loves to smear smelly shit all over her nude body. She vomits so she can mix some puke with the shit because her fetish takes a lot to satisfy. She is not happy until her entire head and body is covered in scat.

This mistress likes three disgusting things. First of all, she likes to vomit and induces her own vomit often. She also likes to poop and does it severally and finally she likes to pee and does it even on her slaves

This mistress was pooped on and pissed on by her boyfriend. She liked it but to make it even better than it was already, she decided to vomit and then drink it all back again

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