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This mistress was not feeling well. But she wanted to go on with her humiliation session with her slave. In the middle of it, she felt like puking because of her nausea and she puked on her slave

The slave was made to lick a giant dick and it was pushed down his throat until it gagged him and he almost choked. The dick was so huge that it made him puke what he ate for lunch

This slave endured it like a man. She shit on him and then puked on him. He sat there and took it all without a fuss and even the mistress was impressed and let him go

This slave was hungry and wanted something to eat. The mistresses agreed to give him something to eat, but they ate it all and when he asked for his share, they puked on a jar and gave him to drink

She's gorgeous and has amazing boobs. But she knows that she cannot eat all that she has eaten without serious consequences. So she vomits and then drinks a little soda and vomits some more.

This mistress loves to vomit. She is able to keep herself from eating a lot of food and therefore maintains her figure. She pukes after every meal and she does it in the toilet

A lady is going to eat a bunch of ribs from a local restaurant. She will also drink a great deal of water. Once she is done with all of the water, she will notice her stomach is very irritated. The stomach irritation will turn into a huge amount of puke flying out of her mouth and spraying all over the place. She feels much better.

A girl is having a very bad day, but she actually doesn't mind all of the shit in her mouth. She loves scat play, but she also loves to vomit, then play in her puke. Some of her puke can resemble shit, so that makes it even more fun for her to play in. The horrid smell, the gross texture, and the gagging sounds she is making makes her play very brutal.

These two Japanese girls know what they like and they know what they like and they don't mind sharing. When her lover meets her, she loves giving in. She sticks her hand in her mouth and vomits all over herself and her lover enjoys the spectacle. They enjoy the smell of the vomit and the heat. They love playing in it. They get turned on at because of the heat and smell.

When love is real, there is nothing that turns them off. These two Japanese ladies are so in love, their vomit is a turn on. As they sit down for a meal, one of these beauties can't help but gag and throw up. He lover is drawn to her and helps her play in it. They share it's warmth and can't resist a kiss. They know that others won't understand but they love it.

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