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When this bbw has too much to eat at the buffet, her lover is thrilled. He knows that she enjoys the taste of food as it goes down but she doesn't always know when to stop. She eats and then she has to come home to puke. He loves to see her puke. She makes some of the ugliest faces and he loves the sounds she makes. It turns him on and makes him eager to fuck her.

When it comes to loving one another, these kinky Asian beauties have no limits. They decide to have a romantic picnic on the bed and one vomits. She is happy that her vomit is a brilliant green because that's her lover's favorite color. She and her lover spread it on their faces, enjoying the smell and the heat. She feels her lover lean in and lick it off her face. She loves their nights like this.

When they go out, they love to have fun. They know they shouldn't over indulge but sometimes they can't help it. They know their lovers are outside waiting for the inevitable and they never fail. After eating their fill and drinking at a bistro, these babes begin to vomit. They stop where their lovers can see them and begin to projectile vomit. They know their lovers are looking and know their dicks are hard and when they get home, they will get fucked.

When Princess Lizzy decides to turn her lover on, there is nothing that's too extreme. She enjoys watching their dicks get hard and she enjoys it more when they fuck her hard. She knows that her lover loves watching her puke so she sticks her finger down her throat to make it happen. As soon as she starts to puke, he gets hard. She knows that she is in for a hard fuck because he starts ramming her without giving her a chance to clean herself up.

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