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My voluptuous ebony friend said she didn't feel good while we were shopping so we left and got in the car. She starts to lean out and get sick so I have to film it. She gags and heaves and splatters vomit all over the ground. She is available for custom puking videos if you would like to see her vomit some more. She doesn't mind that I film her puking and show it to you.

I get nude for you and shit in a washbasin. The shit gets everywhere. It's all over my nude body and all over my mouth because I like to eat it. I like to mix puke with my shit eating so I make myself vomit. The bathroom looks and smells so good with my shit and vomit smeared everywhere. I love having a scat fetish because I have plenty of shit to eat and play with.

This ebony slut likes to go deep when she gets a big cock in her mouth. She wraps her lips around it for a blowjob and forces her head further down on to it until the cock hits the back of her throat. She gags on the cock and pukes all over it. She keeps making loud gagging noises and forces the cock down her throat until she vomits on it in this POV clip.

This kinky nude girl sits in the floor on a towel and deliberately pukes in a bowl. She likes the taste of her own vomit and she really likes it when you watch her vomit and get turned on. She thinks about you looking at her nude body and staring at her warm bowl of puke. Don't you want to stick your face in it and eat it with her?

She wanted to see how much soda she could drink without vomiting. And she used the two litre bottle of soda. She drank it till it was about to get finished then she puked all of a sudden

This mistress likes three disgusting things. First of all, she likes to vomit and induces her own vomit often. She also likes to poop and does it severally and finally she likes to pee and does it even on her slaves

This mistress wanted to see how she looks when she vomits so she went to the mirror and then vomited and found out that she actually still looks sexy even when she vomits. And she collected the vomit in a bottle

This mistress was not feeling well. But she wanted to go on with her humiliation session with her slave. In the middle of it, she felt like puking because of her nausea and she puked on her slave

This slave was thirsty and wanted something to drink. And his mistress went and brought a glass then threw up in it and then served the slave to drink it and quench his thirst

The slave was made to lick a giant dick and it was pushed down his throat until it gagged him and he almost choked. The dick was so huge that it made him puke what he ate for lunch

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