Girls Vomiting

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Katiusha was drunk and she had to go to work. So she made herself puke so that she could feel well enough to go to work

This big boob mistress wanted to make sure she does not gain weight. So she started to puke every day so that she could shed the extra weight she had gained

This mistress had the worst punishment in store for her slave. First of all she shit on his face then she vomited into his mouth

This girl does not want to grow fat. She makes sure she vomits after almost every meal so that she does not gain weight

A babe is going to do some really wild things with scat, including putting a piece of her own poo right into her mouth. She loves to do things that are really gross and downright nasty. She is going to make her slave watch all of the action, because it is really gross and nasty. She loves to make shit and poo look sexy. She is hardcore.

This ebony beauty loves to puke. She loves to eat ice cream and drink lots of water, because it makes her stomach really upset. She is able to upchuck all of the creamy vomit right outside of her car. The site is really gross and gag worthy. Plus, the smell is even worse. She is laughing at how gross the puking and vomiting really is.

So we grabbed this slave and decided to shit all over his head because we had to go. And then we wanted him to start eating as much as he could. And when he started to vomit we decided to piss in the mix and then have him scoop it all up into a pile with his hands. From there he had to eat as much as he could before he threw up again. and then we had him do it all over again.

This mistress has always had a problem with her stomach. She has always been the person that gets on the ground and throws up. Her gagging and her vomiting can be really brutal, especially if she has her slave with her. She has the impact to make him throw up as well, because her vomit smell so bad. She is truly one of the worst people to watch puke, because it's a brutal.

The vomit cats are back at it again. This time, one of them bends down and pukes in a bowl. She keeps vomiting until the bowl is full. She brings her masked slave in the room and orders him to eat the vomit. She puts his head down by it and furthers his humiliation by standing on his back. Her high heels dig into his back as he eats her puke.

This fat blonde with pigtails once again eats too much. She bends over in the trash can right in front of you and starts puking up all the food she ate. She knows you want to pick up all the vomit out of the trash can with your hands and eat it. She pukes again and again and fills the trash can with smelly vomit for you to eat.

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