Girls Vomiting

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Nasty brunette Lady X loves sucking cock so much that she practices on a dildo so she can get a dick deeper down her throat. She sets one on the counter next to the sink and wraps her lips around it. She forces it down her throat until she gags and throws up all over it. Even after she pukes, she still keeps deepthroating the dildo as if she was sliding a dick down her throat.

This cruel and dominating ebony goddess doesn't want to waste any of her precious vomit, so she makes a cube for her loser slave to put his head inside of. She makes sure to leave a hole in the top where she can throw up. She upchucks into the cube and covers his face in puke and it gathers up all around his head and face at the bottom.

This Asian mistress would not be with any guy who would not submit to her domination and humiliation. That's why she treats her man however she wants because she knows that she can indulge whatever fetish she likes at his expense. Like pissing on him then making herself get sick and puking all over him. She fills a bowl with her golden nectar to drink then gives him plenty vomit to eat.

Lisa is a beautiful blonde who is known for puking. This loser old man slave craves her upchuck so he opens his mouth wide waiting for her to get sick in his mouth. She gives him all the vomit he can handle as it lands in his open mouth like someone dumped a bucket of puke on him. He gets a mouth full of vomit and swallows every chunk.

Erin always mistreats and dominates her boyfriend. She gets really crazy when she's drunk. She feels that she's going to be sick so she crouches over him and starts vomiting in his face. The upchuck gets all over his face and chunks of it are in his mouth. She giggles knowing what she's going to do to him and gets off on his humiliation as he lies there covered in vomit.

Lady Domi and her other scat cat friend are used to putting scat in their slave's mouth but sometimes they change it up. Today, they decided to fill their slave's mouth with puke. They both force themselves to gag and vomit and he lies there with his mouth open. He has to chew and swallow their puke because they have much more where that came from. These ladies are nasty and cruel.

Nasty brunette Lady X loves puking so much that she sits around naked in her bathtub vomiting on her self. She spreads her legs so the vomit will come out of her mouth, flow down her chest and land in her pussy. She loves it when the smelly vomit covers her pussy and she rubs it all over it. This nasty babe looks too cute to be this nasty but she loves puke.

This petite young small tit babe loves sucking cock so much that she shoves it down her throat until she pukes. She gags on the hard cock and keeps pushing it in her throat. Her body gets covered with her own vomit and she just keeps sucking it hard. She is not satisfied until she is tasting her own puke as she gags on a cock until it cums.

This big tit ebony mistress made sure that her stomach was full of food and her slave was sitting in a kiddie pool before she started puking on him. She completely empties her stomach and throws up all over him until his body is completely covered in her puke. Her vomit stinks as it covers his entire head and face and she loves seeing him with the contents of her stomach all over him.

Pretty Asian babe with hairy pussy likes to spread her milky white thighs and shoot streams of hit piss all over and into a bowl. She wants you to watch her pee herself and force herself to gag and vomit into a pink bowl. Scat and vomit fest at its nastiest and kinkiest. Her pussy get wet from her own juices and warm pee, and she gags.

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