Girls Vomiting

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A woman loves scat, but she also loves to rub on her pussy while masturbating. She is also going to throw up on herself. Not only will she have her own shit on her body, but she is going to get all of her vomit and start to rub and smear everything together. She loves to blow chunks then play in her puke. Her hot vomit is so smelly.

Two hot babes are going to find out what it is like when they drink too much. They love to party and are having a blast in college, but drinking too much can happen from time to time. They are going to get their heads right above a toilet, because they are going to be vomiting and puking all over everything in the bathroom trying to aim for the toilet.

A lady is going to eat a bunch of ribs from a local restaurant. She will also drink a great deal of water. Once she is done with all of the water, she will notice her stomach is very irritated. The stomach irritation will turn into a huge amount of puke flying out of her mouth and spraying all over the place. She feels much better.

A girl is having a very bad day, but she actually doesn't mind all of the shit in her mouth. She loves scat play, but she also loves to vomit, then play in her puke. Some of her puke can resemble shit, so that makes it even more fun for her to play in. The horrid smell, the gross texture, and the gagging sounds she is making makes her play very brutal.

A girl from the club will have way too much to drink. She will totally throw up all over the bathroom of the club. She is going to spray her puke from her mouth, because the pressure of all the drinks in her stomach is going to be very intense. Puke flying from her mouth will be very smelly, but she doesn't care. It is about getting the puke out.

When she gets pregnant, she finds a hidden treat. She finds that pregnancy will keep her on her knees throwing up. And she loves throwing up. As soon as she eats, she falls to her knees for an extended round of throwing up. As soon as she starts, she has a round of powerful orgasms. She loves the taste of the vomit as she gets finished. Although she shouldn't, she looks forward to her next round.

This black bbw knows that milk makes her sick to her stomach. She knows that she shouldn't drink it but she doesn't do it for the taste. She does it because she will puke and she loves puking. When she pukes, she has an orgasm like she has never experienced before. She drinks the milk in the convenience store and before she gets home, she pulls over. She loves the hot flow of the milk as she throws up.

These two Japanese girls know what they like and they know what they like and they don't mind sharing. When her lover meets her, she loves giving in. She sticks her hand in her mouth and vomits all over herself and her lover enjoys the spectacle. They enjoy the smell of the vomit and the heat. They love playing in it. They get turned on at because of the heat and smell.

She knows her husband loves kinky things but she didn't realize how kinky he was. She doesn't like going places in the car because she gets car sick. She didn't realize her husband loves to see her vomit and smell it. When they are in the car for a few miles, she has to get out of the car and vomit. He gets turned on at the sounds she is making, the smell of the vomit and watching.

When these two Japanese girls go for their walk, they can't help but get turned on. They know they are deep in the woods and no one will share their secrets so they decide to indulge themselves. As soon as they are deep enough in the woods, one of these Asian beauties pukes and her lover kisses her. They love being able to share these experiences with each other. They love these erotic moments.

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