Girls Vomiting

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A kinky tattooed woman wearing a Catwoman mask and a hot pink tube top pukes in the new slave’s mouth. When she is done, the sick fully-dressed Mistress takes her turn to vomit in Lothar’s mouth while wearing the mask. He is wearing a black zipped mask and he wishes that the zipper was closed. The first woman then pees and shits in a toilet before he is forced eat out of it with his bare hands.

Carlie is a British brunette lesbian teen that gets caught up in the dark underworld of vomit eaters. She drinks a large glass bowl full of the nasty tasting puke. Her new bizarre blonde girlfriend vomits directly into her mouth and forces her to swallow it all. She proves that she can take anything that is served her. This movie is not for the faint-hearted so you have been warned.

A leggy Mistress hikes up her long black dress while her shirtless slave lays on the floor. She is wearing black high-heeled shoes while she gives him a brief view of her hairy cunt. The dominate Asian goddess then smothers his face with it. She doesn’t stop there for she uses a broken bottle as a funnel before blowing snot and spittle into it. The thick liquid goes into his waiting mouth.

A very cruel and sick Mistress trains her helpless masked slave outside in broad daylight for all to see. She pulls down her blue jeans and black panties before sitting on the little red toilet. The slender brunette then takes a big crap while smoking a cigarette. He catches the big turd in his mouth but doesn’t swallow. She humiliates him more by vomiting into the toilet and his shit filled mouth.

Not much to say really about the rather pale Candy as she vomits into a toilet bowl. She’s a cute blonde wearing black top with spaghetti straps. When she thinks that she is done vomiting, she spits a few times to try to get the nasty taste out of her mouth and throat. Maybe she shouldn’t have had that spicy tomato sauce with the chilled white wine for dinner after all.

These two Asian lesbians love to get together and have lesbian sex. Their favorite foreplay is to puke on each other. They take turns covering each other with their chunky and nasty vomit. They chew on each other's puke and continue to coat themselves with it until there is a layer of vomit with chunks in it all over their bodies. These two lesbians love to get nasty and this is definitely nasty.

This series of nasty but compelling videos feature hot Asian girls puking in public places. Wherever they happen to be, they just duck to the side and start vomiting. The camera captures every chunk of vomit and it splashes on the ground in all types of situations. They love when you watch them puking. It turns them on and they wish you could be there so they could vomit in your mouth.

This Asian goddess decided to release her slave from his cage. The first thing she makes him do is lie under her while she sits down. She leans over and starts puking right in his mouth. He chews on the vomit and she keeps it coming until it spills on the floor. He gets up like a good slave and makes sure to eat all the chunks of vomit off the floor.

The cats are at it again and they show no mercy on their slaves. The more humiliating the domination, the more they like to do it. They pull out all the stops with this slave. They stick their finger down their throats and fills his mouth with puke. Then they bend down and shit in his mouth so he can eat it. They end up covering him with vomit and shit.

This sweet Asian girl looks too cute an innocent to get drunk, but that is exactly what she did. Now it is time to pay the price by puking. There is a handy little camera in the toilet to record every bit. The vomit pours out of her mouth and splashes in the toilet. She wants you to come eat her puke for her so she can puke some more.

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