Girls Vomiting

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When Isabella decides something is sexy, she will make it sexy. She loves watching her girlfriend be forced to accept it. She looks at her girlfriend and tells her to lay down. She looks into her eyes and pukes in her face. She watches all of her food fall in her face and the look in her eyes. Isabella loves the look of shock, pain and acceptance. It turns her on. She pushes her girlfriend even more when she farts in her face too.

You know that milk is really import, don't you...? And mistress Kalida thinks so too! So she drunk a lot of milk! But she does not like to keep all the milk in her stomach for long. So she brings it all back and the tiny slave has to drink it all...! But it is not only the "milk" he has to drink... She soon starts to put a big piece of shit into his mouth too! And he has to swallow it...!

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