Girls Vomiting

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This black mistress wanted to humiliate and disgust her slave. So she made sure she puked not only in his presence, but on him as well

This mistress and her friends had a vomiting competition. Whoever had the most vomit would win. She intended to win so she overate and over drank so she could puke more

This ebony mistress was too full and the speeding of the car made her nauseas. She stopped as soon as the car pulled to a stop. It was a hurricane of vomit

Victoria and her friend had had a bitter quarrel. She went to her room when she was not there and vomited on the floor

Sadistic mistresses like this one do not care what they do as long as their slave is degraded and humiliated. This time she was shitting and puking on her slave

Katiusha was drunk and she had to go to work. So she made herself puke so that she could feel well enough to go to work

This big boob mistress wanted to make sure she does not gain weight. So she started to puke every day so that she could shed the extra weight she had gained

This mistress had the worst punishment in store for her slave. First of all she shit on his face then she vomited into his mouth

This girl does not want to grow fat. She makes sure she vomits after almost every meal so that she does not gain weight

A babe is going to do some really wild things with scat, including putting a piece of her own poo right into her mouth. She loves to do things that are really gross and downright nasty. She is going to make her slave watch all of the action, because it is really gross and nasty. She loves to make shit and poo look sexy. She is hardcore.

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