Girls Vomiting

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Lady Milena likes shitting and puking. Sometimes she does both and then gets her slave to clean up after her

This mistress despised this guy. He attempted to vibe her but she humiliated him instead. She was drunk and ended up puking on him

As crazy as it sounds, this mistress loves the taste of vomit in her mouth. She likes to force herself to vomit then swallows some of it back into her mouth

This girl has eaten a lot. She has a phobia for getting fat so she went outside and forced herself to puke. She inserted her fingers in her throat and puked.

This mistress is the queen of degradation. She does not inflict pain. She degrades. She made this slave lie down and then vomited into his mouth

This mistress had taken lots of food. When she added some snacks, it became too much for her and she vomited seriously

This mistress loves to disgust and degrade. She puked and played with the puke. She wanted her slave to come and clean it all up

This mistress has a puking fetish website which she usually uploads every few days. She puked from a moving car and posted it on her email.

Tracy has a fetish for puking from moving cars. She and her boyfriend were traveling when she opened the door and puked

This mistress has big tits. But even them could not prevent her from puking like she was about to pour her entire stomach out

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