Girls Vomiting

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These mistresses were getting their feet licked and toes sucked. The loser did it so good they wanted to reward him. And they rewarded him with their puke

This girl is crazy. She told them so and they did not believe it. So she demonstrated to them by puking all over the place and they loved it

This slave's mistress was in for a surprise. She had prepared a great breakfast cereal. It had corn flakes, her vomit, a little of her shit and piss. And it was not optional for him to take it

When bored, this mistress usually likes to think of ways of humiliating her slaves. This time, she wanted to throw up on them. And she did making her slave eat her puke

These girls are cruel and sadistic. As punishment for their slave, they made him lie down and vomited on him. Not yet done, they pooped into his open mouth degrading him to the max

When these mistress sought ways to humiliate their slave, they came up with vomiting on him. They took him to the bathroom and then vomited on his face and made him lick it and eat it

This mistress had a date but she was still drunk. So she had to do something drastic. She decided to use her finger to make herself throw up. She vomited hot vomit from what she had drunk. After shitting as well, she felt better and went for her date.

This mistress had had a lot to drink. She was drunk but she knew that she would feel great when she threw up. So she inserted a finger into her throat and and within minutes, she was vomiting.

This girl was looking for different ways to puke. She settled on shit. She shit on a lollipop and then sucked on it and she instantly achieved what she wanted - she puked

She smeared herself with shit. It all looked sexy on her given she has a great body. But the smell got to her and she puked

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