Girls Vomiting

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This perverted nude girl wants to put on a nasty shit show for you and the nastier the better because she has a scat fetish. She rolls around eating shit out of a plate and starts to vomit. The puke only makes her enjoy the shit eating more. Her mouth is completely covered in shit as she eats mouthful after mouthful and spreads it all over her perky tits like the pervert that she is.

This drunken ebony slut loves to drink beer and always drinks too much because she loves to puke. She even makes herself puke so she won't be as drunk any more and she can drink more. Her puke is very loud as she leans over and sprays vomit all over the ground. Her heaving gets louder and louder and you can hear the nasty vomit splatter on the ground below her car.

This hot young brunette has a scat fetish and likes the taste of shit. She is one extreme and nasty slut. She pisses and shits then starts to eat the shit like it was soft serve ice cream. She starts vomiting and just keeps eating. All the shit eating and puking makes her so horny that she has an orgasm. She shakes and moans as she cums with shit all over her face.

This guy's wife is a nasty slut. She loves to gobble on his cock so much that she pushes it all the way to the back of her throat until she starts to gag. This is one extreme blowjob as the wife takes the cock deeper and deeper in her throat. She starts to gag and she keeps deep throating it until she starts puking and just keeps going to make him cum.

This kinky slut has a scat fetish and her clip needed to be divided into three parts to show all the kinky games she plays. This is the second part of the video. She shit in a plate on the first part and this one features her tasting her own shit and sucking on a lollipop. She loves to play nasty games with shit and pantyhose and loves the taste of scat.

She wanted to see how much soda she could drink without vomiting. And she used the two litre bottle of soda. She drank it till it was about to get finished then she puked all of a sudden

This mistress had had a lot to drink. When the car hit a rough patch, it upset her stomach and the result was vomiting by her. She vomited and surprised even herself at the amount of vomit she chucked

This mistress likes three disgusting things. First of all, she likes to vomit and induces her own vomit often. She also likes to poop and does it severally and finally she likes to pee and does it even on her slaves

This mistress was tired of work and wanted to go home to rest. So she went outside and then induced her own puke in an effort to look sick and then went back to the office to ask for permission

These mistresses wanted to surprise and degrade their slave. So one of them spit inside the sink while the other mistress vomited inside the same sink and they mixed them and then called the slave to drink it

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