Girls Vomiting

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This Asian mistress in a maid outfit looks likes she is catering to her slave, but she is really dominating and humiliating him. She is fixing him a meal, but it is made up of her vomit and piss. She squats in the floor and fills a glass with her golden nectar so he can drink it. Then she vomits for him so he can eat every chunk of her puke.

Lady Grace has a slave who will take any humiliation she can dish out to him. She tests his loyalty by putting him in a tub while she stands over him puking. He must like his mistress a lot because he sits there in the tub while she vomits right over his head. The smelly and nasty puke runs all over his body and gathers at the bottom of the tub.

One of the cats is at it again. She prepares a meal for her slave. She wants his meal to be extra nasty and contain as many of her bodily fluids as possible. She puts the plate in floor so she can squat over it and piss. She puts the plate on the counter and puts her finger down her throat so she can fill it with vomit for him to eat.

This Asian goddess might look cute, but she has a nasty side. She dominates her slaves by making them eat her puke. She sits in a chair while her slave lies half nude on the floor beneath her. She starts puking right into his mouth. This makes her want to vomit more so she covers his face and the floor. He gets up and starts eating her vomit off the floor.

This ebony mistress was called for an interview. She had drunk a lot last night but had to go for that interview. So she gagged herself and puked to feel better.

This mistress knew her boyfriend hated puke. So she forced herself to puke on the floor in the house so that he would be disgusted and get out of the house

Domi Cat had an appointment to get to and she was pretty wasted. So she gagged herself and vomited. She emptied her stomach and felt better

Lady Milena likes shitting and puking. Sometimes she does both and then gets her slave to clean up after her

This mistress despised this guy. He attempted to vibe her but she humiliated him instead. She was drunk and ended up puking on him

As crazy as it sounds, this mistress loves the taste of vomit in her mouth. She likes to force herself to vomit then swallows some of it back into her mouth

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