Girls Vomiting

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This mistress had had a lot to drink. She was drunk but she knew that she would feel great when she threw up. So she inserted a finger into her throat and and within minutes, she was vomiting.

This girl was looking for different ways to puke. She settled on shit. She shit on a lollipop and then sucked on it and she instantly achieved what she wanted - she puked

She smeared herself with shit. It all looked sexy on her given she has a great body. But the smell got to her and she puked

Puking is what this girl loves to do. And she can do anything to make sure she does. Like this time she ate lots of dirty foods so that she could puke, and she did

This girl has a scat fetish and likes to poop on herself and sometimes make her slave eat or smell her poop. However, this time her poop's smell was too strong for her and she ended up vomiting

This kinky and horny slut sits in the bathroom and gets shit everywhere. She has no bottoms on and licking the shit off of the washing machine makes her so horny that she starts rubbing her nude pussy. She has an extreme scat fetish and it prompts her to do some nasty things for you in front of the camera and she loves the taste of shit on her tongue.

This girl puts the extreme in extremely nasty as she covers herself in scat. The shit is smeared all over her nude body from head to toe as she leans over a bowl. When she is covered in shit, she pukes into the bowl and mixes vomit with her shit. She loves to sit covered in shit while she throws up into a bowl. This is the type of thing that satisfies her extreme fetish.

This kinky and nasty brunette looks sexy in black stockings and has a scat and vomit fetish. She pours out some cornflakes and pisses in them. When they are nice and soaked with her piss, she shits on top of them and mixes scat into the nasty pile. This makes her so hot that she starts masturbating with a dildo. She shoves it into her ass until she has an orgasm.

This nasty nude slut gets more and more kinky with each of her videos. This time she drinks a bowl of puke. The bowl is almost full with slimy and smelly vomit. She turns the bowl up and drinks big gulps of puke and swallows it. She starts to vomit herself and leans over with the slimy puke running down out of her mouth and she just keeps drinking it.

The two black women in this clip throw up huge streams of puke all over the ground. They almost attack people with their puke because they heave really loud and spray vomit everywhere. The second of the two pukers makes very disgusting and loud noises when she pukes because she drank a bunch of soda so it would add to all the vomit that was already coming out of her stomach.

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