Girls Vomiting

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When this mistress found out that her husband had cheated on her, she did not react. She just kept quiet. He tried to beg for forgiveness but she did not say anything. He did not know whether he had forgiven her or she was still mad. But when she finally had her revenge, it was served cold. And it made sure he never repeated it. She vomited on his face and into his mouth and forced him to eat it.

This girl loves to vomit. She does it because it is the perfect way to disgust people as well as the perfect way to make sure she gets what she wants and if she wants to punish a slave or humiliate a loser, she does not have to look further than her vomit. Today she wanted to make a video for her blog and get more visits and ratings. So she vomited into a container then ate her own vomit.

A dominating woman wearing a Catwoman mask leans over and pukes all over her slave’s face. The brown vomit is part liquid and part chunks. There is a mirror next to her head and you can see a man trying to hold the video camera steady. You can also see a bottomless woman standing behind and off to the side of the masked Mistress too in the mirror. The submissive bastard then licks the brown vomit off his fingers.

A pair of fully dressed dominating women wearing hot Catwoman masks are sitting on a white couch. They stick their fingers into the mouths and throats until they puke into a large white bowl. They spoon feed their masked and shirtless slave the nasty brown content. They use a big spoon and not no small puny one. He swallows every foul tasting spoonful much to the delight of his cruel Mistresses.

A leggy Asian Mistress wearing black fishnet stockings is training her two new slaves that would do anything to make her happy. She pisses on the dirty floor and makes them lick it up. The hot dominating bitch tries to puke but not enough comes out. Instead, she blows a lot of snot on the floor. She makes them both clean it up with their dirty submissive tongues. They seem to enjoy doing gross stuff to please their Asian Mistress.

A sexy mama chugged down a whole milk shake before getting sick on the ride home. The car barely stopped in time for her to open the door. She puked a lot on the side of the road. The busty brunette just let the liquid contents of her stomach flow right out of her mouth. It was a good thing she did it outside of the car because it would have been a smelly mess to clean up.

After eating, a sexy Asian Mistress spits in her submissive husband’s wide open mouth. She hikes up her hot pink dress while wearing black knee-high boots and thigh-high fishnet stockings. The dominating bitch then pukes on his cock while he is laying on the table. That’s just the beginning for then she pisses and shits on his pecker that is incredibly hard. You can tell that he is very excited by her nasty abuse.

Two sick dominating women wearing Catwoman masks stick their index fingers into their mouths and throats to make themselves puke in a sink. The first one is wearing a white long-sleeved top while the second one is wearing a pink t-shirt. The latter is wearing rubber gloves. They leave their thick nasty vomit in the sink for the slave to eat. Not much else to say about this one really.

Tracy is riding along in a car when she starts getting sick. She is wearing a cap and a jacket for warmth. The busty bitch barely gets the car door open just in time for her to start puking. After a few short bursts, she starts puking for a really long time. The vomit starts as liquid but then turns into the thick chunky kind before long. Whatever she had for lunch, I hope she doesn't have it again.

The ever cruel and sick Lady Milena sits on the edge of her bed and takes off her black high-heeled shoes. Her new scat slave is on the floor waiting to please her in any way he can. She hikes up her black dress, kneels on the bed and starts shitting in his wide open mouth. To make life worse for him, she sticks a finger down her throat and vomits on the pile of shit in his mouth.

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