Girls Vomiting

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This guy tried to steal from mistress Natalia and he regretted it instantly as she did not even bother to call the cops. She dealt with him by stripping him naked and tying him before she bent him over and used large cucumbers to fuck him in the ass. And she did not use but several of them at the same time. The pain the thief felt was out of this world.

This mistress asked her husband to workout and lose weight as per the doctor's instructions. It was a health risk for him but he did not want to do it. She was so pissed at him that she chose to use her puke to communicate what she wanted to him. So she took him to the bathroom and she gagged herself until she puked on him. He got the message.

This guy was rude on goddess Yi for no reason and she was not going to accept that from him. And so she gagged herself and she puked on him after she had tricked him into thinking that she was interested in doing some naughty things with him in order to have him follow her to his punishment site. He checked his rudeness as he did not want to experience that again.

When this mistress felt that it was time to send this guy a warning, she did it with her puke. She knew it had to be something cruel and humiliating for him to learn his lesson and never do it again. So she puked on him as she felt that it was not yet time to use pain. And the humiliation he felt helped him to change as he realized he could not afford to continue disobeying her.

This mistress wanted to show this guy that he would lose out if he did not obey her. He had disobeyed her once and she had forgiven him but he did it again and it was now important for her to show him what she did to people like him who disobeyed her. That is why she chose to vomit on him and make him drink it to show him that she was not messing around.

When this mistress found out that her husband was not faithful to her, she did not care that it happened a long time ago. She had to make sure he understood that he could not do that again. And so she used her puke to send that message. He had to watch her induce vomiting and have it all end up on his face with orders for him to lick it.

Mistress Decadoria told her debtor that for every day her money was outstanding, he was going to have to endure whatever she did to him. And to show him that she was serious, the mistress chose to make him lick her puke. She gagged herself as he watched and she made sure she vomited on his face and ordered him to lick it all. He did it and knew he had to get her money asap.

This guy learned of secrets that these mistresses did not want anyone to know. He was asked to keep them secret but he did not do so. He opened his mouth and he had to be punished so that he realized they were serious. The mistresses turned him into a puke slave and he had to drink puke from all of them as they threw up on him in turns.

This mistress does not like to get fat. She is afraid of it and she does all she can to make sure she does not gain weight and maintains her figure. The mistress loves to eat but when she is done, she induces puking so that she does not consume a lot of calories. It works for her and she does not need to work out as much to keep her figure.

This mistress wanted to test whether this guy was ready to do anything for her as he had been telling her for as long as she could remember. So she gagged herself as he watched and she could see how shocked he was. And after she had puked into a bowl, she poured it into a glass and told him that since he wanted to do anything for her, she wanted him to drink her puke. He was visibly shocked and wondered why she would make him do that. But he honored his word by drinking it. She believed him.

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